Our aim is to provide comprehensive specialist planning expertise for clients who require support in any small to medium development schemes throughout Wales, including North Wales, Central Wales, Soouth Wales, Cardiff and Swansea.

Please get in touch with us should you have any queries regarding the services we provide.

What is a planning appeal?

The applicant always has a right to appeal following the receipt of a refusal. An appeal is submitted to the Planning and Environment Decisions Wales body who then appoints an Inspector to hear the appeal and issues a decision following a robust and objective assessment of the appeal case.

MAPlanning can prepare, submit and manage an appeal on your behalf using many years of experience and a history of a high rate of success.

What can be appealed?

Applicants may appeal on a range of grounds. These include where the Local Planning Authority has:

  • Refused planning permission;
  • Granted planning permission but imposed conditions;
  • Been unable to decide an application within the time allowed; and
  • Asked for further information before an outline planning application could be decided.

How much does it cost to appeal an application?

Neither the Planning and Environment Decisions Wales nor the Local Planning Authorities charge for planning appeals. However, you would be expected to pay towards any specialist or consultant whom you have instructed to prepare the planning appeal case.

MAPlanning provides comprehensive planning appeal consultancy based on fees arranged on three tiers which are an approximate reflection of the level of workload required to undertake the proportionate level of work to ensure the best case is put forward:

  • Basic Appeal Services
  • Intermediate Appeal Services
  • Comprehensive Appeal Services
  • Bespoke services, on a case by case basis (i.e. No-Win-No-Fee)