Appeal Services

What is a planning appeal?

The applicant always has a right to appeal following the receipt of a refusal. An appeal is submitted to the Planning and Environment Decisions Wales body who then appoints an Inspector to hear the appeal and issues a decision following a robust and objective assessment of the appeal case.

Where an application has been rejected by a Local Planning Authority, the applicant has the right of appeal. In practice, the normal procedure is for the appeal to be decided by a Planning Inspector appointed by the Planning and Environment Decisions Wales, either after considering written representations, holding an informal hearing or holding a full inquiry. The choice of procedure will depend upon the complexity of the case and will be determined by the Planning Inspector.

MAPlanning can prepare, submit and manage an appeal on your behalf using many years of experience and a history of a high rate of success.

What can be appealed?

Applicants may appeal on a range of grounds. These include where the Local Planning Authority has:

  • Refused planning permission;
  • Granted planning permission but imposed conditions;
  • Been unable to decide an application within the time allowed; and
  • Asked for further information before an outline planning application could be decided.

At the moment, MAPlanning provides planning appeal services for home ownerand written representation procedure appeals only. Please get in touch if you wish to enquire regarding other appeal procedures.

Is there a right of appeal against enforcement action?

There is a right of appeal against an Enforcement Notice, but not against a Breach of Condition Notice or a Stop Notice An appeal against a notice may be made to the Welsh Government during the 28 day period before it comes into effect. The grounds for appeal include that planning permission ought to be granted for the activities cited in the enforcement notice or that the implied breach of planning control has not taken place.

What is the Planning and Environment Decisions Wales?

Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW) manages casework relating to the development and use of land in the public interest dealing with planning and enforcement appeals; applications for Developments of National Significance (DNS); Strategic and Local Development Plans (SDPs and LDPs); major infrastructure projects; environmental appeals; compulsory purchase orders; sustainable drainage systems; common land; rights of way; stop and remediation services; advice and training. Previously known as Planning Inspectorate Wales.