Householder Appeals

What is a householder planning appeal?

The applicant always has a right to appeal following the receipt of a refusal. A householder appeal has to be instigated within 12 weeks of the formal refusal, which means we need to work quickly.

This is the time to present our case to the inspectorate providing evidence, additional information and justification to give sufficient weight to overturn the Council’s planning decision.

At MAPlanning we are very experienced in all aspects of a householder appeal work and would undertake the following courses of action on your behalf.

Planning Services

Planning Appeals

The applicant always has a right to appeal following the receipt of a refusal. An appeal is submitted to the Planning Inspectorate who then appoints an Inspector to hear the appeal and issues a decision following a robust and objective assessment of the appeal case.

MAPlanning can prepare, submit and manage an appeal on your behalf using many years of experience and a history of a high rate of success.

Planning Advice

Our town planning due diligence services include productive verbal and written advice based on the analysis, national and local planning provisions and if required stakeholder engagement with relevant assessment authorities. Based on the type of the project we also collaborate with third party specialised consultants.

Retail & Main Town Centre Use Services

The sequential test guides proposals for main town centre uses towards town centre locations first, then, if no town centre locations are available, to edge of centre locations, and, if neither town centre locations nor edge of centre locations are available, to out of centre locations (with preference for accessible sites which are well connected to the town centre).