About Us

As a Chartered Planning Consultancy, MAPlanning has a strong set of experience and skills having worked with a number private planning consultancies around England where he has contributed to many planning applications, appeals, appraisals, sequential tests and much more. Using his unique professional skills, he has worked for a number of retail cases within the UK including Sheffield, Norwich and Thanet.

With this hands-on approach, he is now providing independent, personalised and accessible services to small and medium appeal cases throughout Wales.

Mark-Alexander BSc (Hons) MSc MRTPI


"Can I repeat my thanks for your expertise and speed in the preparation of your report. My only downside is that our paths have not crossed before. I act for a number of clients where your kind of remit has always been dealt with in house but not to the standard and speed evidenced by you. I have added you to our consultants panel and will not hesitate to use you again." - Main Town Centre Sequential Test Assessment (Reading)

"Omg you have just made my day πŸ’™ thank you for you great appeal put together thank you so much; and I will be recommending you to anyone that will need your assistance πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€" - Succesfull Householder Appeal (Cardiff)

"You have been very concice and reasurring whilest getting on the key issues" - Planning Advice (Norfolk)

β€œThe final version of the Addendum, there was nothing I could usefully add to what is really a very good piece of work: it makes the very most of a difficult situation, is concise and compelling reading, and is, I think, the best that can be done. Thus, unless you would like me to write an Opinion to confirm their approach is correct, I do not think there is anything I can sensibly add.β€œ - Solicitor regarding a scheme for four dwellings (Rother)